My 21st Birthday

As some of you may know, last Thursday was my 21st birthday. I have always been someone who gets over the top excited about my birthday every year, but this year was arguably the biggest celebration yet.

I love birthdays, other peoples and my own. It's so much fun planning something you know someone will enjoy, and giving them that thoughtful present that will make them smile from ear to ear. As it was my 21st, my parents planned a day I would remember for a very long time. I travelled up to London with my family in and we attended afternoon tea at The Ritz. It truly was a spectacular experience for all of us, especially to see The Palm Court looking so festive. 

We sat and ate and enjoyed our surroundings all afternoon. There was a pianist and carol singers to adhere to the magic, making sipping on champagne and nibbling finger sandwiches most delightful. 

My Birthday truly was a day that I didn't want to end and I am now suffering for extremely bad post-birthday-blues. I am so grateful for the amazing memories from the day and the beautiful gifts I received. 

I guess Christmas is the next thing for me to get uncontrollably excited about!

Dress Topshop

Shoes ASOS

Handbag Mulberry (similar here)

Coat H&M (similar here

Thanks for reading, Amy x 

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