Over The Knee

This winter has seen the return of biker style sheepskin jackets. I purchased one about 3 years ago from H&M and have still been reaching for it in my wardrobe this season. I am someone who feels the cold very easily so being able to stay on trend whilst keeping ridiculously warm is the main reason I love this style of jackets. 

This year I decided it was about time I upgraded my 3 year old H&M sheering jacket, so I headed straight to my favourite shop - Zara. I received this jacket as a birthday gift and I think I may soon have to have it surgically removed. I'm just finding it far too easy to throw on over pretty much every outfit I own; dresses and boots, jeans and trainers, you name it.

Embroidery has become a massive trend this Autumn and Winter. From embroidered jeans and jackets to bags and boots. I've been trying to find a way to fit some embroidery into my wardrobe, and this skirt was the perfect way to do so. I always find myself short of winter skirts to pair with tights and boots anyway, however I just thought the festive pattern on this one was something I would get my wear out of. 

Once again over the knee boots are back with a vengeance this season. Finding the perfect pair is tricky, but I think I've done it girls, any guesses where they are from? Yep it's Zara... again.

There certainly isn't a shortage of over the knee boots available at the moment, but finding the right pair for my awkward leg shape was quite a challenge. 

These boots fit perfectly around my whole leg and are an extremely flattering shape. Not to mention, the heel hight is the perfect amount of smart and sophisticated without being uncomfortable. 

Jacket Zara (similar here)

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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