Blazer Craze-er?

Believe it or not I've had this little blog for over two years now. It is something I started purely for myself, not to work with lots of brands, not to encompass free products, it is simply an outlet for my writing. I'd like to think I've improved over the years in my written communication skills and my photography techniques, however I felt now was the time for me to really step up my game. 

Although I love posting regularly on this blog, I found myself posting for the sake of it occasionally, and not being completely satisfied with the content I was putting out. I was so focused on regularly updating, that the quality was suffering. Despite being a fairly small time blogger I still want to produce writing and photographs that I am proud of.

Juggling this blog whilst I'm at university is not always easy, but this year I feel more inspired than ever. With a new photographer and blog layout I can't wait to get going on some brilliant projects.

Kicking off the 'new blog new me' saga, I couldn't not include my favourite purchase of 2017 so far. This blazer was something I never thought would fit my style so well. It is such a staple item that I can see myself wearing in years to come. The intricate, military style buttons and sleeve detail make for an extremely high end looking item, Balmain perhaps? However, I was actually fortunate enough to find this in a Zara store.  

I love an all black outfit, so classic and so sophisticated. These trusty black ankle boots will be with me for a while yet, I find myself always reaching for them when I don't know what to wear - the perfect combination of smart and casual. 

I hope you have all enjoyed this fresh start to my blog, thanks for reading!

Amy x 

(Photographs by Grace Hodgson)

Jacket Zara (similar)

Top ASOS (similar)

Boots Zara (similar)

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