Dressing Casual

Sometimes it is easy to fall into the habit of thinking casual dressing requires little effort. Being a university student, I have learnt the art of dressing for maximum comfort whilst still looking acceptable to enter a room full of fashion students. Doing a Fashion Journalism course, I obviously never want to look sloppy, but sometimes a fully put together outfit can be far too much for a couple of hours sat in a lecture theatre. I want to wear outfits that make the 20 minute walk to uni bearable and that constitute getting back into bed when I get home at around 4pm. 

Being at university and finding a constant need for loungewear and casual wear has taught me how to style in this particular area. One tip I've picked up is that leather trousers are a great smarter alternative to jeans or leggings. Faux leather trousers give an outfit something that jeans or leggings simply don't. Adding another texture to your outfit gives rise to a uniqueness and smart/casual element to your look. I often pair these leather trousers with an oversized adidas jumper and white trainers when I'm running errands or heading into uni, the faux leather makes my outfit look so much more put together in contrast to just putting on a pair of leggings and making it look like you're on route to the gym.

The most crucial part of my casual wardrobe is a good pair of trainers. I love fashion trainers like Stan Smiths and Superstars, but I also really enjoy trying to seek out really different styles that you don't often see around. I've been after a pair of trainers that aren't white for a while, and as soon as I saw these nude New Balance trainers I knew they were the ones. Of course, they are exceptionable comfortable, but they are also so versatile. I was afraid of buying a coloured pair of trainers as I thought I would be limited to what I could wear them with. However, theres not many colours that don't compliment nude nicely so I've got a feeling these trainers are going to be my go-to footwear for a while.

Bag Mulberry (similar)

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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