Lace Up And Step Up

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a self-confessed lover of Winter. However, these freezing temperatures are starting to really get to me (especially when I'm stood barelegged on a rooftop). I can't ignore the snippets of spring-like weather we have been experiencing recently, and it's been getting me so excited for the warmer months. Whilst being excited and keen to plan ahead, I also want to try and enjoy 'right now' a little more. I've discovered that I'm looking forward to things far too much at the moment. So my late February resolution is to try and live in the present, not the future. 

This puffer jacket is something that my wardrobe had been missing for a long time. I was yet to own a warm, practical coat with a hood. I can't tell you how many times I walked to uni in the rain with my umbrella constantly blowing inside out, well no more. Thankfully puffer jackets came back with a vengeance last year and so I was spoilt for choice when looking for one. The puffer was something I wore throughout January and I still find myself reaching for it now on those more casual days.

I've teamed the casual with the glam for this look, mixing outerwear and eveningwear. Trying to be careful with my money is near impossible when Missguided keep throwing 30% off student discount at me. I picked up this nude body con dress and a few other items I'd had my eye on and made a worthwhile saving. I used to always find myself struggling to find dresses and evening outfits for when I had a specific occasion, so I decided to take a new approach to shopping. Now, whenever I see a nice dress or outfit I just buy it. This means I always have a good amount of choice when looking through my wardrobe and I don't have that last minute panic - will it arrive on time? Will it even look nice? 

What is better to complete an outfit than my favourite black heels. I've had these lace up block heels for a long time now and I still wear them so much. Not only are they super comfortable but they instantly add class and a little bit of edge to an otherwise plain outfit. Although a year old, these shoes aren't leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

Jacket Zara (similar here

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