How I've Changed My Shopping Habits

Being an unemployed student has taught me to know when to save money and to know when to spend it. A few years ago I actually used to spend my money like it grew on trees. I was working full time during my gap year, and being paid every two weeks meant I had a fairly constant income. Clothes, shoes and bags were the main culprits when it came to shopping spree's and I threw away my money on extremely short-lived fashions and trends. 

Unfortunately, this meant I was left with little money and a lot of past season clothes. Since I have come to university I have had to completely change my shopping habits. Instead of impulse buying on the morning of pay day, I now take my time when purchasing. I often try and decipher whether this is an item I know I will wear again and that I'm confident I will be able to style it with things already in my wardrobe. 

When shopping, I try and look for things that match my style rather than what is fashionable at the moment. I obviously follow fashion avidly, however my student budget doesn't allow me to invest in all the latest trends. Besides, we all know how quickly fashion fades. This is why I now try to buy classic items, the leather jacket, a black blazer, black versatile heels, basic t-shirts and shirts. Not only are these kinds of things what I love to wear, but they are timeless.

Black jeans have been my saviour ever since I can remember, they just look good with everything. You can pair them with trainers and a t-shirt for day to day, or smarten them up with heels and a blouse for a more evening look.

Recently, we have seen the classic pair of jeans be given the ultimate makeover. There's embroidery, raw hems, major distressing and even some crazy colouring. It's pretty hard to pick up your average pair of jeans at the moment. This pair with the raw hem detailing is perfect for giving a small and subtle amount of edge to an outfit.

So whilst continuing my shopping obsession, I have learnt to pick up stylish pieces that I know will stay in my wardrobe for many seasons to come. Obviously, I'm still partial to a pair of fishnets and a bit of embroidery, however, I now have a pretty substantial closet to fall back on once those trends die down. I've left behind bright colours and garish patterns, for the most part, and I'm focusing mainly on the classics.

Thanks for reading, Amy x

Jacket Zara (similar)

Blouse Zara (similar)

Sunglasses ASOS (similar)

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