I'm gracing you all with a slightly shorter, more brief blog post this evening, as I'm sure everyone can relate - life has caught up with me.

This summer has been great, I've done so many lovely things with friends and family, but  I've also worked my but off. Now September is here, the dreary weather seems like it is set in and we finally we are getting closer to Christmas.

This outfit is more evening appropriate than most of my other looks. The jumpsuit is such a sophisticated and wearable piece, I don't know why I don't own more of them (I might or might not have also bought this in black whilst writing this). One item and a pair of heels and your outfit is complete.

This particular Oh Polly jumpsuit has a quality I always look for when buying new pieces - versatility. The off-white looked amazing with a tan when I wore it during the summer but I can imagine digging this out for the party season and throwing a faux fur jacket over my shoulders. 

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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