Accessorising In Winter

The festive season has arrived, and no it's not too soon to say that. Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, why not start celebrating it as early as possible. Otherwise, before you know it January will be here and the world will turn doom and gloom. One of my favourite things about this time of year, and I'm sure many of you will either agree or completely disagree with me on this one, is Christmas shopping. I absolutely love buying presents for other people, however, sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to buy. Jack Wills have launched a campaign focusing on gift cards and how they can be a total saviour when it comes to Christmas presents. For someone like myself who is always stuck for ideas, a Jack Wills gift card could be the answer!

Like most of us, I'm great at buying for myself and knowing what I want, but not so great at deciding on gifts for other people. The past few weeks I seem to have gotten a little spend happy and splurged on many winter items - mostly accessories. Firstly, jackets are always the first items I begin to buy when the weather turns colder. I don't like to commit to a coat straight away. This faux leather jacket is the perfect throw on piece. I have quite the growing collection of leather jackets, but this one is slightly more oversized than my others - great for layering.

I jumped on the baker boy hat bandwagon pretty late this season, but that won't stop me getting my wear out of it. I'm not usually one for hats as I don't think they really suit me, but I have made an exception for the sake of 'fashion'. 

Boots and a coat are top of my Christmas list every year. However, finding the perfect ones always turns out to be very difficult. This year I couldn't wait until December for a new pair of boots. After recycling last years pairs for a few weeks I decided I needed to treat myself to something suitable for everyday wear. When I came across these Topshop boots they were originally sold out. Although, I was persistent in checking the website and as soon as they came back in stock, I didn't hesitate in purchasing them. Some may think this style of boot is a little over the top, but I love them, they're so different to all the other boots I own and go really well with the neutral colour pallet of my winter wardrobe. 

Giving the gift of style is great, but the gift of choice is even better – what if you don’t know their size? What if they already have it? What if you simply can’t decide what to get them? I hope this has helped anyone struggling with thinking of present ideas or maybe given you a little accessory inspiration.

Photographs by Grace Hodgson ( )

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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