Trousers? Checked

 It seemed as though the cold weather was set in for winter last week, as I even found myself needing a scarf and gloves on some occasions. Although, it is possible that my Christmas brain caused me to forget how cold it actually was and I decided to leave the house in just a t-shirt and leather jacket this week, big mistake. However, I was keen to show off this mustard and prince of Wales check combination. Mustard is definitely not a colour I usually wear but I always think it looks really nice paired with grey. Slogan t-shirts from Zara are a dream at just £5.99, I just picked up as many as I could carry when I saw the price.

Checked trousers are everywhere at the minute, however, I struggle a lot with buying trousers as my thigh to waist ratio isn't allocated for in most stores. However, this tie waist is perfect for me, they fit so well and go really well with my winter wardrobe.

The one thing my wardrobe seems to be missing is a warm, thick, black coat. I think it is a vital staple, and I'm not really sure how I've managed without one for so long. If anyone has any LBC (little black coat) suggestions, please send them my way! 

Trousers Zara (similar)

Handbag Mulberry (similar)

Photographs by Grace Hodgson (

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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