Coats and Boots

Compared to my last post, I've hit the other end of the spectrum coat wise. The last three weeks in the UK have moved from "could possibly get away with a jacket if I layer up" to actual ski wear. I picked up this coat in the Black Friday sales and it has been a godsend since the freezing temperatures and snow flurries

I have been on the hunt for a fur coat since last year and couldn't seem to find the perfect one anywhere. They were all either too cropped, too boxy, too heavy or the wrong colour. I actually did that super cringe-worthy but sometimes necessary thing of asking someone where their coat was from in Starbucks, and I almost couldn't believe it when she said "only New Look". Thank you to that girl whoever you are, you've saved me from freezing this winter.

Coats and boots are my uniform from November through to February. After finding the greatest pair of flat, daytime boots (the Topshop Alfie boots), I then decided it was time to treat myself to something a little more fancy. I've seen this style of sock boot on a lot of people and the pointed toe and stiletto heel is so flattering. This leather trouser and boot combination is my go-to at the minute.

Boots Mango (red)

Bag Mulberry (similar)

Photographs by Grace Hodgson (

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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