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So, this past week I've been a little more absent on social media than I would normally be. Mainly because I just haven't had the time to post every day, but also because I've become a little uninterested, especially with Instagram. The new algorithm means I keep seeing posts four days later than I would like, and my own motivation to take, edit and upload interesting images has stooped a little lower than I would like. Anyway, I've got lots of great blog posts lined up for the next few weeks so hopefully motivation and inspiration will follow suit. 

A different coat and a different location today. I told you I went a bit over the top on the coats last year and here is the proof. However, the justification for this one falls under " I don't have anything like this", which is actually very true. My coat closet is full of casual everyday wear but when it comes to smart coats, I was lacking. This navy double-breasted jacket serves so well as a versatile piece for those smarter occasions. Although I have thrown it on with trainers jeans and a t-shirt and it works just as well. 

 These flares are actually titled 'extreme' on the website, and yes they live up to that name. Definitely not day wear for me, as without a sizable heel I will be tripping over the hems constantly. None the less if you want a statement, whilst somewhat subtle trouser, these are perfect. So comfortable, affordable and will go with almost anything.

Jacket Zara (similar)

Photography By Grace Hodgson (

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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