Summer Sweaters

This summer I’ve completely revamped my wardrobe. Previous years haven’t seen much more than culottes and crop tops. However, I’ve branched out of the mindset that restricts me to only buying clothes I think are “suited” to my figure. This used to really limit me, thinking “that won’t look right on me” or “will it cover up my stomach enough”. I am so pleased I lost this attitude because now I get to wear what I actually want.

Now, I know this outfit doesn’t scream summer but it’s hard for us British girls. One day it’s 25 degrees, the next it’s torrential rain and thunder storms. Black trousers are necessary no matter what time of year, and these wide leg ones from Zara fit perfectly. The thin material makes them breathable when it’s slightly warmer, but they’re also great quality. A jumper and trainers makes them effortlessly casual, but heels and body means evening wear.

Whilst autumn and winter are my favourite seasons, I do think this is the first year I’m actually happy with my summer wardrobe. Hurry up holidays... 

Bag Gucci - unavaialable

Photographs by Grace Hodgson 

Thanks for reading, Amy x

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